Outdoor Enthusiasts

Visit a nearby North Carolina State Park and/or Recreation Area.
Falls Lake State Recreation Area: This is a collective of seven access areas scattered around the shoreline of an undeveloped 12,000-acre reservoir in North Raleigh/Wake Forest.
Jordan Lake State Recreation Area: This is a collective of nine access areas around the shoreline of an undeveloped 14,000-acre reservoir west of Apex.
William B. Umstead State Park: You can reach this park in Northwest Raleigh from both I-40 and US 70.
Find your closest neighborhood park. Sometimes you just gotta escape to a park for a quick breather and a bit of stress relief. (Spending quality time outdoors reduces stress, calms anxiety and can lead to a lower risk of depression according to a Stanford University study.) There are more than 200 parks in Raleigh – use this City of Raleigh Park Locator and/or this Wake County Parks Locator to find your nature home.
Connect with what you love about the outdoors during your first 90 days here. Whether you like to walk/hike, kayak/canoe, paddleboard, fish, waterski, hang out on the boat, cycle, camp or play outdoor sports, you will find an opportunity to do so in Raleigh and its surrounding Wake County towns. (You can search by activity on the Visit Raleigh website.) The sooner you connect, the sooner you’ll start to feel at home here.