Music Lovers

Attend a music event within your first 90 days. Whatever your jam – jazz, hip hop, bluegrass, symphony, opera, pop, polka, electronica – you’ll find it in the Triangle. Add an event to your Raleigh Onboarding Planner. Since you love music, connect quickly with a local musician/group, concert, festival, venue and/or shop to start to feel at home here.
Purchase one piece of merch. It’s not easy to make a living in music and what a sad world it would be without it! So if you’re at a local concert or event and there’s merch available please buy something to show support. We’re not saying Taylor Swift needs your money, but local bands and organizations like the NC Symphony do. Even if you can only afford a laptop sticker it may start a conversation that leads to a new friend here. Follow and/or support local musicians and music organizations and you’ll feel a strange sense of pride when they succeed.
Volunteer at a music festival or venue if you can. We can feel our introverts cringing at this suggestion but hear us out. You love music. Most of the music festivals and venues in Raleigh welcome volunteers. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people in your new city and everyone is focused on the job to be done so there’s not that awkward standing-around-making-small talk part.
Alternative college radio still exists! WKNC 88.1 FM Radio is a student-run, non-commercial radio station/webcast from NC State University. It’s consistently named among the best in the Triangle by INDY Week readers. The station focuses on alternative programming including indie rock, electronic, underground hip-hop and metal on a block schedule (so you’ll always know when your favorite type of music is playing). “Our aim is to provide NC State students with knowledge needed for a career in the broadcast industry and listeners with music that doesn’t suck.” Mission accomplished.