Find your people. Whether you’re a drone pilot, rail fan, classic car buff, apiarist, numismatist or another flavor of hobbyist, you will find your people in Raleigh or the greater Triangle area. We’ll give you a few ideas below on where to look to get started. However, depending on your hobby, you may need to dig a little deeper than what we can provide. (It will be worth it!)
Engage in your first 90 days. Whether you attend a car meetup, join a local beekeeping group, visit a hobby shop or sign up for a model train group, jump into something Raleigh offers for your kind of Hobbyist – or create what’s missing yourself. At Raleigh Onboarding our mantra is: “Feelings of place attachment follow actions of place attachment.” In other words, if you want Raleigh to start feeling like home, engaging is how you start to put down roots.
Volunteer if you can. Most hobby groups run on the commitment and effort of volunteers. If you can make the time, volunteering is a great way to meet new people here and give back to your new community.