Gamers + Geeks

Find your people. There are many flavors of gaming and geekdom. On the gaming side you have console/PC/mobile gaming, board games, card games, arcade games, game simulators, virtual reality, live-action roleplaying and more. On the geekdom side you have anime, cosplay, comics, DC vs. Marvel, K-pop/K-drama, merch collecting, sci-fi, tech, gadgets, space and more.
In short, you WILL find your people in the Triangle, but you may have to look a little deeper for your particular niche than what this site can provide. But please make the effort – the sooner you find your people, the sooner you’ll start feeling more connected to Raleigh. We’ve given you an appetizer course below of places to get started.
Engage in your first 90 days. Whether you attend a con or a game night, visit a shop or a planetarium, join a Facebook group or attend a meetup, jump into something Raleigh offers for Gamers and Geeks – or create what’s missing yourself. At Raleigh Onboarding our mantra is: “Feelings of place attachment follow actions of place attachment.” In other words, if you want Raleigh to start feeling like home, engaging is how you start to put down roots.
Volunteer if you can. Most local cons and events run on the passion and sweat of volunteers. If you can make the time, volunteering is a great way to meet new people here and give back to your new community.