Film Buffs

Find your Goldilocks theater. One may be too indy, one too mainstream, but we guarantee there’s a film house in Raleigh that’s juuuuust right for you. Make it a quest in your first 90 days here to find your go-to movie theater.
Plan now to attend a film festival (tickets usually sell out fast). Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill all have internationally known film festivals screening the best of the best (see below). Find one that interests you and note in your calendar when tickets go on sale.
Join a film group or meetup. Drone on about films at a party and it’s considered boorish. Drone on about films at a meetup of like-minded film buffs and suddenly it’s a PARTY! Find and connect with your people.
Actors Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood, Mildred Pierce, Westworld) and Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under, Dexter) were both born in Raleigh.
Here are some places in NC where famous films were filmed.