Crafters + Makers

Explore your local options during your first 90 days. If you’re a woodworker, visit a local woodworking shop. If knitting’s your thing, find the nearest yarn store and dig in. If you’re a crafter, stock up on supplies. You get the gist. Whatever you’re into, stop by a local shop and, if the staff is friendly, let them know you’re new around here. Ask if there are any local meetup groups, events or workshops with like-minded people you might attend.
Start creating! Find the yarn, the craft paint, the wood, the beads, the fabric, etc., among all the unpacked moving boxes and get started. One of the best ways to recover from a stressful move is to immerse yourself in a new creative project. (Bonus points if your project somehow relates to your new hometown.)
Attend a local vendor market. As a crafter/maker yourself you know how hard artisans work to create beautiful, useful, helpful and joyful items. Reward their efforts with your attention (and funds if you find something you love). You’ll find links to a few vendor markets below.