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The Raleigh Onboarding System

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Find Your Place

Just as you would in any work location, the first step in Raleigh Onboarding is to orient yourself to your new surroundings, to Find Your Place. Where in Wake County, Raleigh or the broader area are you living and working? What cities and towns are near you and in what direction?


Find Your People

The second step in Onboarding is to begin to Find Your People. We are all people who need people. Even the smallest micro-connections, like a nod of recognition from your neighborhood barista, help you begin to feel centered in a new place. So, think about your interests, hobbies and activities and check out all of the categories below that apply to you. You’ll find events, groups and Onboarding Suggestions to help you get started connecting to the city. Add anything of interest to your Raleigh Onboarding Planner.

Who Are Your People?

This list will be ever-evolving so if you don't see a group that interests you, please contact us and let us know your suggestions!


Find Your Path

Studies show that feelings of place attachment (loving where you live) are more likely to follow actions of place attachment. So, to start putting down roots in the City of Oaks, it’s time to act! Get your free Raleigh Onboarding Planner to create your personal plan and you’ll transform from acorn to mighty oak in no time.

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    You onboard them to the company + we onboard them to the city = happier employees who stay.